Facts On What Is Morbid Obesity?

What is morbid obesity? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by many individuals belonging to various age groups. More »


How Do We Know That We Have A Problem And How To Treat?

For most of us this question would have popped up in our brains “how to know we have a problem and how to treat it?” Well the foremost thing we often forget or fail to notice is problem shows its presence by means of its symptoms. But most of us neglect or ignore it in the initial stages. Whether it is our health, personal or financial problem, we can perceive them through its indications.

Health problem

Take for instance our common cold problem, the moment we start to sneeze and have a slight sore in our throat we need to take precautionary measures by drinking some lukewarm water and avoid the cold, refrigerated foods. In this we can curb the impact of the common cold at the preliminary stages and completely eradicate it. If the problem still persists for the next two days, then the smartest thing you need to do is to consult a physician. Though there are a number of over the counter pills and decongestant nasal spray available, it is highly recommended that you seek the doctor’s assistance and then take the medication.

Relationship problems

Likewise relationship problems are common problems that occur among the spouses or partners, if neglected it may even go to the extent of ruining your nuptial or marriage life. This problem not only affects you and your partner, but also your kids as they are the ultimate sufferers. At least for the sake of your kids you need to immediately sort out your differences and put an end to it. There can be a lot of reasons or motives for the problems occurring among the partners. But the most common problem pertains to sex. If any one of the partners is unable to perform better or satisfy his or her partner that leads to a grave problem.

Foresee things

You need to anticipate these things, if your partner is not a jubilant mood, then you need to understand something has gone wrong. You can have a frank discussion with her and know whether she is contended and happy with the nuptial life. You need to understand that word of compassion, and emotional bonding helps in reinforcing your marriage life.

Do not accuse

Another important thing to be followed when we face a problem, is not to point an accusing finger at your partner, blaming that he or she is the root cause for the problem. Please bear in mind while accusing, when you point your forefinger towards your partner, the remaining fingers are pointing towards you. So do not blatantly accuse your partner or make any hasty decision. If you feel that the rift between you and your partner is getting widened, then you need to take immediate measure to bridge the gap. You can seek the assistance of a common friend or counselor who can serve as your mediator and sort out the differences. One vital aspect you need to follow while selecting your counselor is to ensure that the person is a genuine and dependable person.

Before winding up, one thing you should keep in mind if there is a problem, then definitely there has to be some solution. With some patience and by adopting some smart strategies you will be able to find the right solution and successfully overcome your problem.

About The Causes and Risk Factors for Morbid Obesity and Prevention.

Morbid obesity is a frequent health disorder that is found in both men and women belonging to different age groups. This article throws some light on the causes, risk factors of Morbid Obesity and how to prevent it.

What is meant by morbid obesity?

Obesity is a situation in which you have a high BMI (Body Mass Index) or when you happen to acquire more fat than what is required for your height. Obesity is not identical to the overweight, which is more than the height’s well being. In individuals suffering from overweight the surplus weight is created by the bone structure, bone density, or surplus body fat. Morbid obesity happens when the surplus fat become a hazard to your general health.

Factors that cause morbid obesity

While consuming, your body accumulates the calories for energy consumption in your tissues & muscles. If those accumulated calories are not utilized the body accumulates them as fat. When you keep on consuming more calories than your body can make use of during the daily activities and workouts, then the body starts constructing fat stores. Obesity & morbid obesity occurs due to the surplus fat being accumulated in your body.

Several behavioral aspects also play a significant role in obesity as well as your consuming habits & every day activity stage. You may be inactive at your workplace, and do not have much time to do your workouts, physical activity & meal planning. Other factors like anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness can also increase your body weight. Likewise, individuals who quit smoking are likely to experience a short-term weight gain. Women tend to gain weight during their menopause and pregnancy period. In certain circumstances, these factors may lead to morbid obesity. Likewise, some specific medical therapies, pills may also lead to weight gain.

Probable health risks

If your morbid obesity is not properly treated, it may lead to health complications like heart disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, diabetes, sleep apnea (a disorder in which you discontinue breathing while sleeping).

Morbid Obesity diagnosing

BMI calculation

Your physician will calculate your height and weight so as to compute your Body Mass Index (BMI). Your body mass index is your body fat’s assessment and it is used as the main screening procedure for Obesity. Your physician might also take the circumference of your waist into account. The collective measurement will help in assessing how much amount of body fat you possess and decide your sickness hazards like stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc.

To have a better understanding the BMI ranges are mentioned below

If an individual has a BMI below 18.5 then he is in the “underweight” category. If he happens to have a BMI in between 18.5 to 24.9 then he is in the “normal” category. If his BMI is in between 25.0 to 29.9 then he is termed “overweight”. If his BMI touches 30 and goes beyond he is declared as “Obese” person

Treatment and prevention

Morbid obesity can be treated and prevented by adopting some procedures

Adopt a healthy Diet

To combat morbid obesity, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to avoid foods that are rich in fat; especially you need to avoid dairy products. If you are a morbidly obese person that you need to avoid taking milk, butter, curd. These foods are affluent in fat and will further increase your fat content in your body.

Include vegetables and fruits. Taking vegetables and fruits that have rich fibrous content will help to dissolve the unnecessary fat. Consuming garlic is also an exceptional method in liquefying the accumulated fat and thus helps you to maintain your ideal body weight.

Consume food in small quantities. Instead of taking a meal at one stretch, break down your intake of food into small quantities. In this way you can take less amount of food.

Exercise regularly

Doing regular workouts will also help in curbing the surplus weight and protects you from morbid obesity. You can also indulge in other physical activities like walking, jogging, swimming, etc.

Surgical procedure

You can adopt surgical treatments like Laparoscopic gastric bypass. In this procedure the physician will fix a band in your stomach’s upper portion. This band will restrict the amount of food you take. It will make you feel full once you have taken the appropriate portion of food.

On the whole, being aware of the causes, risk factors and prevention of morbid obesity helps you to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

What are the most common disease conditions associated with obesity?

Obesity is a condition which signifies that you have 20 % more than the ideal weight meant for your height. If you happen to be an obese person, then you are probable to face and undergo some of the following common health disorders

Coronary Heart disease & stroke


High blood pressure

A few types of cancer



A brief look into major health disorders related with morbid obesity

Breathing disorders

Breathing troubles like sleep apnea (when an individual discontinues breathing for short period while sleeping) & asthma can occure due to overweight.

It does not mean that as an obese person you will be having all of the above mentioned health disorders. However the risk probability will increase if you happen to have a family history in anyone of the above mentioned health conditions.

The risk increases if you have a pear shape stomach, i.e., if your weight is concentrated on your hips & buttocks.

Heart Disease & stroke

Surplus weight can increases your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and thus lead to stroke and heart diseases.

Type 2 diabetes

Obese or overweight also causes type 2 diabetes in an individual. As per WHO (World Health Organization) more than ninety percent of the diabetic patients are suffering from type 2 diabetes. When you are overweight or obese, it leads to diabetes development as the cells will be more resistant to the insulin effects.

Cancer types

Overweight also leads to a few kinds of cancer, such as breast cancer (subsequent to menopause), colon cancer, and cancers occurring at endometrium (uterus lining) esophagus, and kidney. Researches also show that obesity causes cancer in other parts of the human body like pancreas, gallbladder and ovaries.

Gallbladder disease & gallstones

Gallstones, liver and gall bladder diseases are common disease if you happen to be an obese person.


Obesity is also capable of causing health complexities like infertility & mental health conditions. The obese or overweight women are likely to suffer from infertility as well as from ovarian cancer. When a male becomes overweight, his sperm count also gets reduced and will be having a low motility.

Back pain

Back pain is another common disease that is related to obesity. Surplus weight can cause damages to your spinal cord’s most vulnerable parts. When you become overweight, you are likely to suffer from lower back pain, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.


Obesity also causes gastric ulcers. Gastric ulcers happen when there is a disparity among the discharged quantity of the HCL & the pepsin enzyme. When compared to women, the probabilities of developing ulcer are more for the overweight men.

Skin infections

When you are overweight or Obese, you have skin which folds on itself. These wrinkled or crumpled regions become irritated due to sweating & rubbing and may lead to skin infections.

All the above mentioned disease related to obesity can be averted if you maintain healthy diet, adopt good habits with regular workouts.

Facts On What Is Morbid Obesity?

Facts On What Is Morbid Obesity?

Facts On What Is Morbid Obesity?

What is morbid obesity? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by many individuals belonging to various age groups. Morbid obesity is a condition in which an individual acquires body weight that is 50% or 100% more than his ideal weight or when his BMI (Body Mass Index) is equals or is more than 40. The Morbidly obese individuals are not simply overweight or just slightly obese, they are enormously obese. Morbid obesity creates an unbelievable harm to an individual. It causes a grave situation in which almost all his major organs will be affected with some relevant disease.

A dangerous health disorder.

Morbid obesity is one of the most critical kinds of diseases and is probably more severe than smoking as it is traumatic & destructive to the human body. When compared to a standard size individual, the morbidly obese person is likely to have a short life span. Researches reveal that the mortality rate among individuals in the age group of 25 to 34 years of age rose to 12 fold when compared to persons in the age groups in the age group of 35 to 44 years of age. Fundamentally the morbidly obese individuals have a high mortality rate. They will be affected by various kinds of disease that ranges from a comparatively meek sleep apnea to detrimental health disorders like strokes & congestive heart failures.

Studies also reveal the following facts.

  • More than 65% of the individuals are obese, out of which 4.8% are suffering from morbid obesity

  • Obese is found in more than 32% of children

  • Yearly about 352,000 people die due to morbid obesity

  • More than $ 75 billion has been spent as medical expenditure for dealing with obesity.

  • Sometimes a few diseases remain unidentified in a morbidly obese individual and may lead to grave health problems such as diabetes & high blood pressure.

Do not ignore it for a long time.

Morbid obesity is a health disorder which should not be left uncared for a long time. The more an individual neglects the more harm will be to his health condition.

If you are a person affected with morbid obesity, then you must immediately seek a physician’s assistance. A majority of doctors will suggest various weight curbing choices. Every choice must be meticulously taken into account so as to alter the situation. A few of the recommendation may comprise of exercises, diet, diet pills, weight loss surgical treatments, etc. A majority of these available options relies on the various factors such as how much overweight you are, how serious is your health condition, and other numerous factors. As a morbidly obese individual you need to scrupulously consider these options and choose the appropriate one that helps in shedding your weight in a swift manner. The faster your weight loss procedure the more safely you will be.

Eating healthy foods, doing regular workouts, and abstaining from alcohol and smoking helps to you to have a fit and trim body. Adopting these healthy procedures helps to combat morbid obesity and lead a happy and hassle free life.